Everything You Need To Know About Sinks

Did you know that the term sink comes from a natural phenomenon? A sinkhole is a formation in the ground that acts as a natural drain for rainwater or surface currents that generally forms in limestone soils. Sinks, in fact, increase the flow of underground rivers and feed the aquifers that supply water to humans and animals. In other words, this tool had already been invented by nature and we adapted it to the modern world.

Artificial sinks, those that humans have created have a similar function. They are structures whose objective is to collect the water that flows through the surface (it can be any) to avoid a flood. It is easy to see them in many places: on roads, on terraces, on rooftops, etc. They are essential for safety.

Sumps must have sufficient capacity to filter water that may collect on a surface depending on the conditions it is in.

If we are in a very dry area where there is little rain, a simple and / or small drain will suffice. If we are in a place where the rains are frequent and abundant, it will be necessary to use a large capacity sump, place it in a strategic point and it may even be necessary to accompany it with someone else. Hence, the variety of drains that we can find in the market is very abundant.

For example, streets must have large capacity sumps to allow water from rain or other sources to be filtered quickly and not endanger the safety of the road for pedestrians and cars. There are many models of sinks adapted to any type of geography and climate. It is only necessary to take a look when we walk down the street.

It should be borne in mind that not only pure water is filtered through the sinks. This water can have dirt but also chemical elements: cleaners, fertilizers, disinfectants, etc. Even the sump may be needed, not only for specific situations such as water seepage in the event of rain, but for intensive uses, so it can be understood that being constantly exposed to humidity and to some corrosive elements can easily deteriorate. It is for this reason that there are sinks made of different materials, each one of them is prepared to withstand different conditions.

It is likely that you are not very clear which of these sinks you should use, something that happens to the vast majority of users unless they have specific knowledge. We are here to assist you so do not hesitate to ask any questions you consider necessary. We can guide you in choosing the most suitable drain for you and we have the most competitive prices.