Gallantry in the Face of the Enemy - William Henry Short VC

With kind permission from Paul Boden

William Henry Short VC MemorialAt an HLF North East Funding Fair held in Redcar in March 2018, we heard a presentation by Paul Boden about a project he led to keep the memory of his ancestor alive. We talked about our mutual projects and discovered an unexpected link to our Project Who Digs Wins – the Memorial to the memory of William Henry Short is made from Cleveland Ironstone, the only one to our knowledge.

William was born in Eston on the 4th February 1885 to James Short and Annie Stephenson Sivil. Sometime in 1901 the Short family moved to Grangetown. William won the VC on the 6th August 1916 during an action near the town of Pozieres. William died the next day and he is buried in Contalmaison cemetery. 

The memorial was erected in Grangetown market square and unveiled on the 26th July 1919. Some years later the memorial was moved to its present location in Eston cemetery. The top part of the memorial is made from Cleveland ironstone. It is 15 to 18 feet high with steps around the base leading to a pinnacle at the top.

William Henry Short VC MemorialPaul Boden wrote a few words for us and sent us the two photographs of the Memorial. He has also sent us a link to the film, which recounts the fascinating story of William Henry Short VC. You will also see references to other articles we have written, like the ones on the Munitionettes as William's sister was one.
Please follow this link to the film