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An amazing venue for our AGM 2016 – The Regiment's Silver Room at Green Howards Museum in Richmond, North Yorkshire

Mentors and dinosaurs - the life of an intern

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Does Geology Last Forever?
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2017 is for the Geology Trust, the year of Geonauts.

Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur & Fossil MuseumGeonauts is a fun and innovative way to engage children in learning science, exploring the environment they live in, gathering evidence for the stories they create, challenging the theories they build and experiencing scientific methods and critical thinking. It is a concept owned and developed by Mike Windle, our Director. Many schools have now experienced Geonaut events such as CSI Trixie and Rock & Fossil Roadshows and Fossil Walks, and a few in North Yorkshire have set up a Geonaut Club with our own Geonaut 1.

Robin Hood's Bay offers the perfect setting for Geonaut events - discovering our planet, the change Another Geonaut eventof environments over geological time, marine life past and present with our friends of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Living Seas Centre when they come to Boggle Hole YHA, the jaw-dropping dinosaurs at the Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur & Fossil Museum and getting your beach treasures identified by the curator of this amazing collection, one of the longest-standing members of the Trust.

Robin Hood's Bay and its Victorian Weekend on 9th and 10th December will see the return of Victorian Geologists. We are reliably informed that Rev Dean Buckland and Mary Anning will make appearances at the Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur & Fossil Museum.

In the meantime, enjoy the summer and the events we have organised for you and join us in the autumn for more Geonaut events in your schools and community.

Geonauts at Robin Hoods BayWhat have we found today?  

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